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On this page: Contact, Frequently Asked Questions, and Your Privacy.


Please click here for contact details or here to drop us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

QHow can I access the presentations?
APlease Sign in to gain access to select presentations.
QI've signed in, I can only access some presentations, why?
AOnly paid subscribers are given permission to access all presentations.
QHow can I register?
APlease register here.
QHow can I get a paid subscription?
AOnce you register and sign in, you can see a link on the Your Account page for this.
QDo I lose access to the website if my subscription expires?
ANo, you can continue to access the freely available presentations and any presentations currently in your library.
QCan I download a presentation?
AYes, please feel free to download any presentation you have access to.
QCan I post the presentations on a public or corporate shared drive for other's to access?
ANo, please review the Terms of use.
QCan I show the presentation at a user group or office meeting?
AYes, please review the Terms of use.
QDoes my membership give access to online live classes?
ANo, memberships are for videos only. However, paid yearly subscriptions receive one complimentary online Live Class ticket.
QHow do I register for an online live class?
ASelect the class you're interested in from online live classes.
QHow can I purchase tickets for online live classes?
APlease follow the link on the Your Account page.
QWill you sell my email address or other contact information to third parties?
ADefinitely not. We don't like that to be done to our information; we won't do that with yours.
QHow private is my information I enter on this website?
AYour comments and reviews are public, your first name is public. Everything else you enter is not visible to others.

Your Privacy

The only information we have about you is the information you provide. We do not collect any information you've not voluntarily provided.

We will not be sharing your personal details with anyone other than yourself. If you become a paid subscriber, we do not store your credit card information. At the time of subscription, or during renewal, we transmit the details you enter (using encryption) directly from your browser to the processing service. We do not receive or store your credit card number on our site.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us an email.